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Move your body to health, improve your fitness and diminish stress - regardless of your fitness level, body shape or ability.

Yoga for the Seasons is a dynamic, fun and welcoming team of fully accredited practitioners with a vast range of knowledge, talent and experience in healing through Japanese Yoga Therapy, Zen Shiatsu and Wholefood/Macrobiotic Cooking.

Japanese yoga (incorporating the teachings of Ki Yoga, Ryoho Yoga, Ryoho Therapy Yoga, Zen and Oki-do Yoga) is a dynamic form of yoga therapy that integrates traditional Hatha yoga with the meridian-based healing arts of Japan and China and the Five Element theory -Water (winter) Wood (spring) Fire(summer) Earth (late summer) & Metal (Autumn).

It offers a remarkably accurate and remedial system of healing and maintaining health. Through repetitive movements, combined with body awareness and breath work, energy flow increases leading to improved body function, flexibility, strength and health.

Enjoy the benefits of yoga on your own from an instructional CD, at a studio, in the workplace or join one of our seasonal retreats.

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